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BJJ Training Exclusively for Women Ages 14+

Where can I find a training program exclusively for women?  Right here at Lionheart MMA!  The Lionheart Exclusive Women’s BJJ program is specifically catered towards women who want a safe introduction to the sport of Brazilian Ju-Jitsu.  This five (5 classes) program gradually introduces the basic concepts and applications of BJJ in a classroom setting that is both taught and attended by female participants only. 


There has been an increasing demand for all-women classes.  Some female members prefer to train exclusively with other women for cultural or religious reasons.  Others prefer to be matched up with more similar body types.  We created this class to remove any barriers that might exclude some people from training.  Sparring and drilling is only between female participants of the class.  All live sparring will be done accordingly to each individual’s physical and skill capabilities and supervised to assure safe practice.


Our Woman’s BJJ program is designed specifically to introduce the sport of BJJ through a curriculum that safely introduces the sport through fundamentals.  You will learn techniques upon which you can build a solid skillset effective for practice and competition. These skills also have a very practical application for self-defense.  The Woman’s BJJ Program is also great for physical fitness.  Our program emphasizes proper warm-up, stretching, and conditioning techniques to prepare the body to be BJJ ready.  Our instructors are experienced in working with female students.

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Program Details:


  • Pre-Training Activities: Proper warm-up routine.  Specific stretching exercises.  

  • BJJ Fundamentals: Learn the fundamental BJJ positions, etiquette, terminology.

  • Basic Technique: Learn fundamental BJJ techniques.

  • Self Defense Applications of techniques: Learn to apply the skills learned in real-world

       self-defense applications and scenarios.

  • Modified Intensity Drills and Sparring: Apply your skills in a safe environment.

       Drilling and sparring will be done at a pace that accommodates each individual’s

       level of experience and physicality. 

  • Post Workout Education: Learn exercise and stretching routines that can be

       performed outside of the gym to better prepare the body for BJJ and everyday life.




There are five classes in this program over five (5) weeks. 

Each class will have its own curriculum which includes

class instruction and demonstration, drilling, and live sparring.


Our program takes place every  SUNDAY:   2:00 PM




The cost of the program is $90.  The cost is for the five (5) classes.  There is no contract or commitment required.  Upon completion of the class, you have the option to continue as a member.  We will apply the $90 class tuition towards your first month of membership!

F A Q:


Q: Why do you offer a Women’s Only Class?

A: There are many reasons why we have been asked to offer a women’s only BJJ class.  Some  

     women are more comfortable drilling with other female partners.  Others prefer training with other  

     women for religious or cultural reasons.  Whatever the reason, we felt that this class would remove

     these concerns and allow women to safely and comfortably get introduced into the sport of Ju-Jitsu.


Q: Is the class taught by a female instructor?

A: Yes! Our classes are only taught by qualified female instructors.  There are no male participants or  

     instructors within the class.


Q: Do I need any prior experience?

A: Absolutely not!  Our program is designed for beginners or those getting back into the sport of BJJ.


Q: What equipment do I need?

A: Typically a Gi is required for belt promotions and Gi Class.  No Gi classes require typical gym attire.


Q: What if I feel I am not ready to spar/grapple?

A: Sparring and competing is not a required part of our curriculum.  We have modified live drilling that 

     can be done at a pace best suited for the student.


Q: Can I train if I have a sensitive back, joints, etc. or previous injury?

A: We never recommend training if you feel your body has not fully recovered from or is susceptible  

     to a specific injury.  If you are unsure, we always recommend consulting your physician first before 

     beginning training.


Q: Do I have to be a member at Lionheart MMA?

A: No!  This class is open to the public.  Anyone (woman) can participate.


Q: What if I’m already a member of Lionheart MMA?

A: If you are a female member of Lionheart MMA you are welcome to join the class at no extra charge!
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